Friday, June 1, 2007

Mexicans Show Their Class

Powerline, the folks at Pajamas Media and Michelle Malkin have all covered the disgraceful incident at the Miss Universe Pageant in Mexico City. Anxious to make excuses for this classless behavior, Julian Sanchez suggests it's because the average Mexican is "acutely aware of" and "vehemently opposed" to American policy -- presumably immigration policy.

As Ms. Malkin observed, this isn't the first time Mexicans have been inexcusably rude to Americans competing in their country -- in 2004 boos drowned out the Star Spangled Banner, and some Mexicans even chanted "Osama! Osama!" at our soccer team.

I suspect, contra Sanchez, that they just don't like us. Probably because we are, you know, a far more successful and prosperous country than them.

And even if it's true -- what the hell right do they have to be pissed about OUR immigration policy? We can let in as many Mexicans as we want. It is our country, after all.

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Dissident said...

It's clear most Mexicans have nothing but contempt for both our nation and our laws. Their president just blamed the US for the latest drug cartel battles (gee, couldn't have anything to do with pervasive political corruption).

And here's a recent quote from Mexico's attorney general: "American law to me is absurd because people can easily acquire firearms," the newspaper El Universal newspaper quoted Eduardo Medina as saying at a conference on Wednesday, according to AP.

Yeah, if our laws were just a little less "absurd" we too could live in a glorious utopia like Mexico.