Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Take That, Sicko

Betsy Newmark links to this page which contains photographs of the real Cuban medical system -- you know, the one that Michael Moore didn't see. Take a look -- if you have a strong stomach.

Brad DeLong -- no right-winger, but an economist with a commitment to a mixed economy with genuine market elements -- takes lefties to task with this post on Cuba (later reposted here). As DeLong points out, when Castro took over, Cuba was a developed country -- comparable to many countries in Western Europe. Today it's a middling awful Third World country. With what is likely the best possible implementation of communism and a planned economy, Castro has managed to knock his country down an entire tier.

And if you read DeLong's post, be sure to check out the comments. A few sensible ones, but mostly lame-ass excuses of the blame-America-first sort and a few pathetic attempts to say "they're not that bad, really -- look at their health care and education system!" Want to take bets on how accurate those widely-touted numbers turn out to be when the communist government falls? And, ten years later, the leftists will be saying "we weren't really supporters of Cuba. Not us!"

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