Monday, August 6, 2007

Another Reason to Hate George W. Bush

According to this report, there is a serious move afoot by various Pleasure Police -- in this case, the Bush Administration with the support of the odious Center for the Science in the Public Interest -- to require wine bottles to have the standard "Nutrition Information" labels. Here's what such a label would look like -- it provides almost no useful information.

Of course the Pleasure Police want to uglify wine bottles. Drinking wine is an aesthetic experience that engages the senses -- the smell, the taste, the look of the wine. A well-designed bottle is a part of that pleasure. Which is why drinking wine from a box just isn't the same, even if the box can be designed to be a better container than a bottle. Sullying the design of the bottle is the point. The Pleasure Police are at war with physical pleasure in all its forms. The fact is that the standard nutrition label information on a bottle of wine is utterly useless. And this pious talk about how they just want consumers to get information is so much blather, since government bureaucrats do everything they can to prevent wine companies from extolling the now well-known health benefits of regular wine consumption.

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