Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Flying Imams

I am shocked, shocked to learn that the so-called Flying Imams have filed suit against both U.S. Airways and the Metropolitan Airports Commission (in Minneapolis, where the incident took place). It's really quite amazing: these guys did everything they could, short of carrying signs saying "WE ARE TERRORISTS" to arouse suspicion:

The imams engaged in a variety of suspicious behaviors while boarding a US Airways flight, according to the airport police report. Some prayed loudly in the gate area, spoke angrily about the United States and Saddam, switched seats and sat in the 9/11 hijackers' configuration, and unnecessarily requested seatbelt extenders that could be used as weapons, according to witness reports and US Airways spokeswoman Andrea Rader.

If these guys can't be kicked off the airplane and detained for questioning, then nobody who isn't yelling "This is a Hijacking!" can be taken in. Clearly, this whole thing was a stunt, designed to set up a lawsuit and create a group of ready-made "victims" who can then use their victim status as a bludgeon to weaken security where it comes to Muslims.

Of course, the Council of America Islamic Relations is on the case: demanding congressional hearings and legislation to "end racial profiling" against Muslims. As if we were engaged in racial profiling: if we were we wouldn't be searching small children and elderly women, even Al Gore!

So my question is this: why do The Flying Imams think that they can succeed in this stunt? And why is it even possible they will be right?

I blame George Bush.

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society girl said...

Okay, you simply can't make a statement like "I blame George Bush" without stating WHY and supporting with FACTS -- afterall, rumor has it that you have many friends who have served or still are serving in his administration.