Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Noah on Goldberg

Tim Noah at Slate writes a weird little entry speculating that Jonah Goldberg's forthcoming book, Liberal Fascism is overdue because it's being withheld for marketing reasons. Apparently January of 2008 will be a better time for its release, because the atmosphere will be more partisan than it is now.

Goldberg denies this claim, saying the book was late because his father died and his wife had a baby -- surely valid reasons for delay. But even if it were delayed for marketing reasons -- so what? Surely a publisher's job is to sell as many books as possible. If these means scheduling books for release before Christmas, or just before an election cycle begins, isn't that, like, their job?

Interestingly Noah refers to "Goldberg's notion that contemporary American liberalism owes a debt to Il Duce," which he refers to as "stupid." But Noah gives no indication that he's actually seen the book, or the manuscript, or even a chapter. Wouldn't it be a good idea to actually, you know, read the book before dismissing its thesis? It might well be a stupid book, but why not wait and see?

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