Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lost In Space

All right, I'm a geek. As a child, I used to watch Lost in Space -- not the bad movie, but the late-sixties TV show. So I recently ordered the DVDs from Netflix, and I've been watching it. Certainly far inferior to Star Trek, but it does have a certain campy charm.

Here's my question: after the second or third time he endangered your whole family, wouldn't you have killed Dr. Smith? In self-defense, if for no other reason?


J. Allen said...

How dare you. Dr. Smith had a good heart and was well-meaning. He just screwed up a lot. Major lesson for us kids. If we forgive those "Smiths" and continue to work with them and support them, maybe they will contribute to getting us found or off the island (Gilligan, anyone?)

Lay off Dr. Smith.

cheerful iconoclast said...


He used their drinking water for a shower. He took the cooling unit out of the charriot in order to cool his cabin, while endangering Professor Robinson, Major West, and Will. He stole a vital control component in order to get riches from a space prospector. He physically resisted the duly-authorized command authorities when they were adjusting course, and then changed course after being ordered not to do so. He gave their guns to the evil robots.

Good heart! The guy was selfish, cowardly, and stupid.

In a lifeboat situation, if somebody sabotages the lifeboat, you do what you have to do.

Death to Smith!

society girl said...

Okay, I can buy the argument re killing Dr. Smith as I agree that his actions which endangered the castaways seemed intentional and well-meaning only towards himself.

But what about Gilligan? His bumbling and fumbling ofter prevented rescue and escape from the island. Do you let him live? In other words, what is the key decision factor here: motivation? or result?

J. Allen said...

Yeah, what about Gilligan? (My bad on Dr. Smith as I didn't watch LIS all that much because the robot's arm freaked me out)

So, would you whack Skipper's "li'l buddy" too?

And if you were Lamont, would your whack Fred G. Sanford? He screwed up a lot.

I get the feeling that if you had your way, half of my favorite TV characters would be 6 feet under.

That's not too cheerful.

My view is that the really good managers and people in positions of authority do not go about whacking the weakest link as sometimes these people have some other quality that is very important to the team effort.