Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sully on Ann and Mitt

Yes, I am still watching Monica Goodling's testimony.

But I'm multitasking. Sully pairs quotes by the Romneys -- Ann Romney says Mitt listens to her all the time, and Mitt says his views on policy are his own, with little input from her.

Well, I guess Andrew has never been married -- obviously. Of course he thinks he makes up his mind on everything, while she says she's very influential. Sounds like a good marriage to me!

By the way, to my Main Squeeze: Happy Anniversary, dear.


society girl said...

Awwwweeeee, that is soooooo sweet, as were the 50 red roses! Happy Anniversary to you too -- of course, even after 20 years of debate, I have not managed to "influence" your views on drug legalization, prostitution, or pornography. But, I plan to keep on trying for another 20 years.

cheerful iconoclast said...

Perhaps in the fullness of time, you will realize I am right.