Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More Monica -- Did I Hear The Right?

Did I hear this right? One of the U.S. Attorneys got complaints because he made his assistants go to a cabin in the woods with some sort of consultant and be analyzed. At least he didn't make them squeal like a pig.

I know that management consultants do weird stuff, but Jeesh.

UPDATE: Monica was just asked if Attorney General Gonzoles put his loyalty to the President above his loyalty to the rule of law. She said he was a good man, and that he tried -- but she couldn't answer because she wasn't sure about her own opinion on the matter.


Now she's talking about "inaccuracies" in Gonzales' testimony.

It says something that Monica Goodling -- who looks like a teenager -- is a better witness that the sitting Attorney General.

UPDATE 2: Gonzolas tried to get her to discuss their mutual recollections of what happened. She tries to spin it, but it sounds as if he was trying to get her to get their story straight.

UPDATE 3: Keith Ellison is sure a bully.


Michael Holloway said...

The worst kind of flattery - taking the Fifth for someone else!

cheerful iconoclast said...

It's pretty clear she took the fifth for herself.

harerue said...

It is a great site! Does it come for play again.

harerue said...