Thursday, December 20, 2007

Government = Santa Claus

I have often remarked to friends that modern liberals attribute to government the characteristics that small children attribute to Santa Claus. I wish I had said it here, on my blog, because if I had I'd have the perfect "gotcha" moment. As it is, I have such a moment, but those inclined to be skeptical can say (correctly) "but you never wrote it down."

Anyhow, believe me when I tell you that "modern liberals attribute to government the characteristics that small children attribute to Santa Claus" is a Cheerful Iconoclast aphorism. Well, I just saw this Hillary Clinton ad, via Glenn Reynolds and Ann Althouse:

I have seldom seen more vivid proof of one of my pet theories.

As Ann Althouse says, "Isn't this like when you get presents from family members and you know they charged it on your credit card?" Yes and no.

In truth, yes, of course. The recipients of these "presents" have to pay for them.

But in the mind of her target audience, the answer is no. The modern liberals that she's trying to reach think the government is Santa Claus. And so Santa can come up with these goodies, and nobody has to pay.

You know, there are a lot of libertarian-leaning people who tend to vote Republican who are very disaffected with George W. Bush and the Republican Party he has forged. This ad vividly reminds them of why they don't like Democrats.


Anonymous said...

That cannot possibly be an ad by her people -- but I guess it says its approved and sponsored by her/them. Can't see this doing anything but backfiring. Everyone knows you pay for Christmas starting January, and it can take some people months into the new year to catch up for holiday euphoria. She's had to back peddle on the promised money for votes tactic when she went too far before -- remember her proposal that every kid born would get $1000 or something like that from the government to tuck away? Don't recall it going over well with anyone.

society girl said...

That was my first reaction too! This has to be a fake...doesn't it? I agree it has to backfire because most people are smart enough to realize it is our money that Hilary is so gleefully and freely passing out as Christmas gifts. Unlike Hilary, we know that Santa Claus is not real, and Christmas presents are not free. If this is real, it is a blantent endorsement of communist wealth redistribution. Hilary wants to tax the "rich" and then SHE wants to buy outrageously expensive gifts of "universal pre-K" (okay, I never went to pre-K, but still managed to become an attorney and become one of the "rich" -- well, rich according to Hilary and those like her, of course -- BEWARE of who the dems consider to be rich as it probably includes you -- why is pre-K some time of universal right!!) and she wants to decide who to give these gifts too. Have no doubt, it is Hilary who plans t decide who is naughty and who is nice!!

Anonymous said...

This is sad -- when I was making fun of this ad, a liberal leaning person just defended it by saying it's the caucuses/primaries and the constituency (the "left wing crazies" of HIS party) for this ad will think the ad is "cute" and remember it, which will be enough for them. Gag.

Anonymous said...

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