Sunday, September 9, 2007

CBS -- C STILL Stands For "Cheap"

Last year, I had the unfortunate experience of watching a few NFL football games on CBS, and I have to say that, of all the networks that now broadcast NFL games, CBS is by far the worst. Their studio show is both dull and uninformative, lacking either the substance of ESPN or the entertainment value of Fox. Their announcers ought to be giving play-by-play for the local high school teams -- somebody tell Phil Simms to stop using the word "goes" for "said."

But, even more inexcusably, while Fox, NBC and ESPN air substantially all their games in high definition, CBS only gives us handful of games in high definition. Last year, CBS only bothered to broadcastt three games a week in high definition. They claim that this year they will increase it to five or six.

Fortunately, next year the League will require that all games be broadcast in high definition. But isn't it pathetic that CBS has to be forced into it? And you can bet their studio show will be as lame as ever, and their announcers as bereft of talent.

UPDATE: Apparently my game actually is being broadcast in high definition. I guess they were having technical problems, because one instant it was low-def, and then the high-def just popped in. Every network has some technical problems, but it seems to me that CBS has more than its share. Watching football on CBS is amateur hour.

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