Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran

John McCain's littly ditty about bombing Iran has Mark Kleiman outraged. With typical Kleiman restraint, he uses this as a springboard to attack not just McCain's opponents, but also Republican primary voters generally. You're going a bit far there, Mark.

I'll be happy to condemn him, if that will make Kleiman happy. But then,McCain-Feingold, as well as McCain's generally authoritarian tendancies are more than sufficient rationale for me to vote against him, so I'm already predisposed not to like the guy. But this sort of levity regarding the possiblity of bombing a counrty which we might well end up bombing is not appropriate for a Senator and Presidential candidate. It probably doesn't reveal excessive homicidal tendancies, but it was irresponsible.

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Mark said...

I'm delighted to hear that you disapprove. Now I'd like to hear from any of McCain's competitors. Are they going to jump on this, or are they afraid to be outflanked?