Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pretty Darn Obscene

According to Kaus, Obama's speech, in which he tries to link the Virginia Tech massacre to his pet list of political issues -- including losing one's health care coverage due to foreign competition and Imus's comment (!) -- "doesn't come off quite as obscene as you'd expect when you listen to it." I don't know -- I think it's pretty obscene, myself. It's also absurd -- Imus was a shock jock, and however stupid and obnoxious his comments, they don't compare to mass murder. And the health care hook is just a non-sequiter. His comments were logically incoherent, and yes, he was clearly pumping the Virginia Tech massacre for his own political purposes. Which I do find obscene, even if his phrasing was typically low-key.

So the question is: will the media (and even bloggers) continue to give Obama the free ride he's been getting?

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Anonymous said...

Yes. And I fear Obama will win the election based solely on charisma, just like Clinton did.