Friday, April 20, 2007

The Obaminable Speech

I've gotten a chance to read the transcript of the speech that I blogged about a few days ago -- before I had just listened to the tape -- and it really is a bad speech. (Link via Steve Sailer and Powerline) Like Ann Althouse, I'm struck by what a "gasbag" Obama is, although I suspect that it's partly attributable to the fact that everybody has been telling him what a great orator he is, and he's starting to believe his own publicity.

It really is pretty bad. It's no wonder he quotes a 1968 Robert Kennedy speech: the guy's still living in '68, mouthing those left-liberal platitudes and advancing bog-standard left-liberal policies. For all his faults, Bill Clinton understood that the seventies and eighties had happened, that there had been a powerful critique of conventional big-government liberalism, and that the Democrats had to at least pretend to adapt to the notion that business and commerce and markets are, like, good things. Obama's liberalism is boring, conventional, and utterly retrograde. Bill Clinton at least pretended to be a "New Democrat" -- he understood that the Spirit of '68, however emotionally compelling it might be to some folks, simply was not an answer to Ronald Reagan and everything that had gone into his election.

Obama is a throwback, a true believer in the Spirit of '68.

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