Monday, April 23, 2007

Wiccans Get Their Own Graveyard Marker

Eugene Volokh links to an article about a settlement between the Department of Veterans affairs and a group of Wiccans who wanted to be allowed to place their symbol -- a pentacle -- on the gravestones of deceased Wiccans. I had always sort of assumed that official gravestones were only marked with a cross, or maybe a Star of David, but of course that's not the case -- oodles of religions get to use their symbol, a list of which can be found here. And the Wiccan pentacle is already there -- number 37 on the list.

I have to sat I just LOVE the Atheist symbol! It's got this great fifties-retro-sci-fi feel to it. It is definitely the coolest symbol on the list. The Sikh symbol is pretty cool too -- they look like Romulans.

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Gerry Quinn said...

The atheist symbol looks like it's based on a stylised carbon atom.